Our company is dedicated to building long lasting homes, additions and remodels in an ocean or near ocean front environment. We draw upon the years of experience of our direct employees, subcontractors and suppliers to provide the best possible quality of construction. The satisfaction of our customers with our work is important to us and we highly value their referrals to others.

Our project managers supervise their job from start to finish coordinating all work to provide the best possible completed product.

We do not believe in allowing subcontractors to perform their work without guidance and supervision; at the same time we are seeking out their best ideas and methods to complete our jobs in an efficient and orderly manner.

Our employees perform carpentry starting with framing which is carefully thought out to mesh with building systems and equipment. We have a very good idea of the finished trim designs before framework is started. Framing is carefully planned for executing watertight roofing, window and siding installations.

Our crews install exterior doors and windows using methods that we have found to work well and continue updating as new products that we trust become available. Siding is applied using time tested methods.

Finish carpentry is done by our crews working together as a team to create a consistently high quality product.

Our office systems track job costing from the initial estimating phases to the final job close out. We provide billing by item (labor, subcontractor, supplier) and supply copies of all individual invoices. Job cost are tracked each month on an itemized spread sheet of approximately 35 divisions which shows current status of each division.

Overall we maintain a high level of craftsmanship by using a team experienced of long term dedicated employees that take pride in their work.

Rich Elstrom